11:44 Pachamama Portal  (2014)

The 11:44 Pachamama Portal is a collaboration with a group of artists from Texas that have created the interior aspects of the installation: a Temple of visionary art, sound healing, light, sacred geometry, vortex based mathematics, Orgone energy, ceremony, and sustainability consciousness. Their work consists of 11 “Dreamcatcher” Lotus Petal hammocks that surround a central dodecahedron that has various musical intstruments in it: steel drums, a large hoop drum, didgeridoos, and a custom string instrument. Housed within it is an organite ring that is grounded with copper and zinc rods. On top of it is a 9 foot diameter inflated earth sphere.

I had planned on building a structure similar to the Sapphire Portal wall but Playa colored instead of sky blue and slopping inward to offer shelter in it as opposed to sloping outward to lean against. This was proposed as the “Portal Oasis” and was going to have one of the earlier Portals in the center and be in collaboration with other artists to offer a variety of activities within the space. When I was introduced to the Pachamama artists, I realized that this would be a perfect compliment to their project and we decided to collaborate. The wall is 33 sides of a 36 sided polygon, sloping inward at 60º. Housed within it is the Quasar Wave Transducer vibrating the entire space. I painted it with a Playa mixed with water for the perfect color match.