1:44 Inter-Dimensional Space Time Portal (2020-2)

The 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal is a collaboration with Maraya who works with the Light Encodings of the Elohim. It will provide a place for the return of the Divine Blueprint of Creation through Form, Sound and Light. Based on the universal principles of the cycles and circles of time and space it is an environment to go within to experience the Codes of Creation.

Located at 1:44 on the Playa, two semicircular 14″ by 14″-thick arches 16 feet high and 32 feet wide crossing at right angles are aligned to north-south and east-west sitting on circular ring lying on the ground. They surround a central 12-stepped pyramid 12 feet high and 20 feet across that can be both climbed on and entered within, of which the geometry is based precisely on Mayan pyramids. Visually, from outside, citizens will see the Signature Patterns of the Timelines (a symbolic language) inscribed into three sides of the ring and all four sides of the arches and illuminated from within. Once inside the pyramid participants will hear The Codes of Creation (sung by Maraya, as given by the Elohim), either performed live or recorded and playing on a sound system in the interior of the pyramid. Through experiencing these sounds and vision, all of our multiverses through all lines of time will be available for remembering.

The 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal is an interactive, participatory, shared experience of creative expression to primarily provide and encourage an access point to the higher dimensional timelines, the Christ-aligned or crystalline timelines, those lines of time where our soul remembers that it grows through love (unlike the karmic timelines where the soul believes it grows through pain and suffering).

The East/West arch is beginnings and completion, the first and second dimensions on which all other follow. The North/South arch is access to future and past. The Horizontal circle is the inter-dimensional presence. The arches and circle make the cross in the circle, our Earth symbol. The pyramid’s dimensions provide the access point to all that is, the ever expanding now moment within which all consciousness exists and can be called back into embodiment. In the etherics these arches imply circles that are always in motion and lock at specific grid and dimensional points depending on the intention of that which is being called back. The universe and all the cycles of time and space exists within our consciousness. Connection to all that exists within us is simply a process of calling back what is already there, have already experienced and are ready to remember. Providing a structure with these patterns and the Key codes through sound will assist consciousness into awakening to itself.

This project received an Honorarium grant to be built for Burning Man 2020, which was cancelled due to Covid. It  received another grant to be built for Burning Man 2022. It has been set up at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center March 2023

See the video on it at Burning Man 2022