2:22 Amethyst Portal  (2009)

The Amethyst Portal is an indigo colored 17 foot high stellated dodecahedron constructed for Burning Man 2009 of plywood, wood and steel with an open green interior space accessible to participants. This space is able to accommodate people to experience the Portal and to interact in group activities, such as the Galactivation Sound Healing ceremonies that were hosted at the Sapphire Portal last year.

Housed under the floor is the Quasar Wave Transducer: a subsonic non-linear dynamic analog feedback device sound sculpture that produces frequencies in the range of the Earth’s Schumann resonance and human brain waves to activate the Portal experience. There are purple LED exterior an d green LED interior lighting for illumination at night. The exterior is colored indigo to relate to the brow or third eye chakra and the interior green to connect this back to the heart chakra.

The stellated dodecahedron shape embodies the evolution of the Earth’s vibrational energy grid according to the Spirit of Maat website:

“The Stellated Dodecahedron holds the template of all the preceding templates expressed as geometric forms. It is an expression and model of integrated completion and coherent unity of all the foundational templates. It stimulates us to evolve into self-realized conscious awareness with our open heart and with high levels of impeccability, self-responsibility and integrity. It also helps us integrate and harmonize a true group unity.”
Ronald L. Holt

In keeping with the progression of the placement of each new Portal, it was located at 2:22 on the Burning Man layout. It has gone on to tour to many festivals, including Boom in Portugal in 2010.