11:55 Reformation Portal  (2015)

The 11:55 Reformation Portal at Burning Man 2015 was a collaboration between myself, Kathy D’Onofrio, Mark Sims, Drake Huotari, RonJon Terlane, Vrindavan Chandra Das, Jon Mitchell, Vayu Mirage Lighthawk and Andrea Lee. It was located at 11:55 and 7777 feet out from the Man, which put it only a few hundred feet away from the 12:00 point and the trash fence perimeter, the furthest point of Burning Man.

I reused the Playa colored 50 foot diameter wall from the Pachamama Portal of 2014 and added Playa colored wall to wall carpet. I also reused the icosidodecahedron mirror structure from the Sapphire Portal that is the shape the Earth’s energy body is evolving to, to hold the new consciousness frequency. Kathy D’Onofrio, a long time Playa artist, made the paper mache beings representing the reconciliation of duality through the marriage between Sekhmet and Ptah, as well as a group of beings inspired by the Rodin sculpture the Burghers of Calais, representing the reformation of the 1%. Mark Sims & Drake Huotari of Vortrex renewable energy made the wind & solar power station that powered the lights and sound. The vertical wind turbine is their new proprietary design that made an incredible sound when spinning and added an elegant kinetic effect to the experience.

RonJon Terlane & Vrindavan Chandra Das added their tea temple service at times, bringing people together in lively discussions. Jon Mitchell hosted several storytelling sessions called “Tales from the Playa” and Lighthawk & Andrea performed live sound healing journeys on didgerido, drum and flute.

The Quasar Wave Transducer low frequency feedback device that has been in every TransPortals installation was vibrating the space with its random deep cat purring sound, as well as a full range sound system that played sound healing journeys by 33 Bowls Tibetan bowls, Ashera Hart’s Unity Codes, Bradford W. Tilden’s Angelic Incantations and Tom Kenyon’s Hathor channeled meditations. On several nights there 3 spoken meditations that played: Alaya Love’s “Heart Breath”, Shanta Gabriel’s “Awakening and Anchoring Light” and Open Hand’s “Releasing Entities”. On Sat. Sept. 5th from 2:30 to 3 pm we hosted a global synchronized meditation called “A Bridge Between Worlds” with Tom Kenyon who was leading it in NYC (see his website on it “On the Nature of Angels“) . The turn out was incredible with the space completely full for the event. The Portal was completed on Sun. Aug. 30th afternoon before the start of Burning Man and was operating until noon  the following Mon. Sept. 7th.