Heart Star “Peridot” Portal  (2010)

The Heart Star Portal came about by combining the five pointed star plan of the Amethyst Portal stellated dodecahedron with the original golden ratio Diamond Portal shape. It has five points instead of the original two, while keeping the Diamond Portals angle of a seven pointed star, 51.43º. It retains the same colors and golden ratio relationships of the original design, as well.

A 16 foot tall version is proposed to be built for Burning Man 2023 that will have a five sided curved interior space to climb up into with the Quasar Wave Transducer vibrating it from inside. This is a simulated image of what it would like on the Playa.

A 10 foot tall steel tubing version that is the golden ratio smaller than the proposed 16 foot tall plywood one was built in 2010 for Burning Man and has gone on to numerous other festivals. It has incredible ergonomics for people to climb and do three dimensional acrobatics, dance and yoga on. Since 2012 it has been mounted on top of a van as a Burning Man art car to make it mobile as well as affording a great view of the Man burning.

Jen Healy uses one as the “Quantum Playground” to demonstrate, teach and train her form of aerial yoga play. Its available for events through her website www.zenhealyng.com