Abridged Merkaba  (2006)

I was invited to design an interactive structure for the 4-day multi-media event “Habitats” held at the Lyceum in Brooklyn, NY in Nov. 2006. I designed and built the Abridged Merkaba based on the concept of the Merkaba, or light body vehicle, that is in the shape of a star tetrahedron. A 48 foot star tetrahedron is deconstructed into three outlying scrim covered tetrahedron frames that are segments of the upward pointing tetrahedron to provide

multi-function spaces available for participants to utilize and three central triangular counters that are parts of a slice of the downward pointing tetrahedron accommodate the presenter’s audio & visual equipment. These shapes imply the whole star tetrahedron, or Merkaba, that fills the entire Lyceum. It was built out of 2x4s, recycled fabric, particle board and paint.