11:11 Diamond Portal  (2004)

The 11:11 Diamond Portal is a shape that I designed in 1984 based on the golden ratio. I decided to build a 16 foot tall version of it for Burning Man 2004. As Burning Man is laid out in a radial plan based on a clock, it was located at 11:11, a synchronistic activation code. The design utilizes the golden ratio and green and red heart chakra colors. Inside of it is a solar powered version of the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture: a subsonic nonlinear dynamic analog feedback device vibrating randomly with low frequency pulsations that resonate with the Earth, the Portal and the people in and around it, to activate the dimensional shift . Being built in Taos, NM is an integral part of its significance. I consider the Diamond Portal to be a key to shifting the Earth into the next vibrational dimension.

It is an interactive sculpture that requires participation by sitting in its cylindrical opening or leaning on its face to be fully experienced and Burning Man was an ideal venue for it. For Burning Man 2005 the original Diamond Portal was rebuilt after being extensively damaged in a windstorm in Taos, New Mexico, and a new Diamond Portal Outline version was built out of steel tubing the golden ratio smaller, 10 feet high. The outline was placed the golden ratio between the original Portal and the Burning Man. The original Diamond Portal was burnt in the Temple of Dreams fire the last Sun. night of Burning Man 2005.

The Diamond Portal Outline has gone on to be at many other festivals.