12:12 Emerald Portal  (2006)

The Emerald Portal was inspired by Richard Leviton’s book “The Emerald Modem: A User’s Guide to the Earth’s Interactive Energy Body”. In it he describes a cube that relates to both a person’s and the Earth’s energy bodies:

“The Cube of Space is a cosmic jewel: a six sided, double terminated lovely green Emerald bigger than the entire planet and placed around it as a kind of master energy field. The Emerald is also the Heart within the Heart, midway between the outer and inner heart chakras in the human. It is the place where the “Ultimate Divine” resides in each human. It is pure consciousness beyond space an d time, transcending the Mind. Picture a double-terminated, two-inch-long crystal positioned vertically, at the right side of the sternum and you give yourself access to this arcane Heart. The Cube of Space is the totality of the earth’s geomantic body; we carry it within us as the Emerald, and this same Emerald or Cube of Space is the structure of reality.” 

The design was created from a cube pointed corner up, truncated at its lower three vertices. Contained within it is a cuboctahedron, incorporating the relationship of the 90 degree three dimensional coordinate system of cubes with the 60 degree three dimensional coordinate of tetrahedrons and octahedrons. Both a solid and outline version were built for Burning Man 2006 as 8 foot cubes, the solid one out of plywood with the Quasar Wave Transducer inside it and the outline out of square steel tubing. They both returned in 2008 and have been featured at other festivals. Following in line with the Diamond Portal’s placement at 11:11, they were located at 12:12 on the Burning Man clock plan. The intent of these sculptures is to catalyze a personal connection to the Emerald cube within the participant’s heart and to facilitate a connection between participants and the Earth and Galaxy’s energy bodies.