Portals to the New Earth:

Sacred Geometry for Personal and Planetary Evolution

Portals to the New Earth is a presentation in three parts: a detailed explanation of three dimensional sacred geometry and how it relates to the evolution of the Earth’s energy body and the nature of the universe; the utilization of these geometries in the Portal installations; and a study of visionary designs and concepts to create a sacred ecologically balanced reinhabitation of the Earth in a sustainable, regenerative and harmonious way that benefits all life and the Earth.

Starting with the golden ratio and the five platonic solids, it explains how they relate to each other and the evolution of the Earth’s vibrational energy body. Also explained in detail is the “Structure of the Vacuum” 64 tetrahedron grid, discovered by the physicist Nassim Haramein, that shows the underlying form of space.

Through the use of these geometries the Portal installations create an environment to harmonize participant’s multidimensional vibrational energy body with the evolution of the Earth’s geometric grid to facilitate an evolution of consciousness. They also use colors that relate to the chakra system and have the low frequency non-linear feedback device “Quasar Wave Transducer” contained inside them to signify the geometries are vibrational energy patterns.

The ultimate purpose of the Portal installations is to evolve consciousness so we chose to create ecologically sustainable human habitations. An overview of 35 years of researching visionary designs and concepts in harmony with the Earth to create a world of sacred beauty is explored, culminating with a design

process called “Terraquaforming”: integrating earth and water into dense regenerative living ecosystems for human habitation to exist in harmony with all life and the planet.

I have been doing presentations on the history of the Portals and the 3D geometries they utilize with video animations to graphiclally show this since 2008. I have now expanded it to include “Conceiving Future Environments” section on eco-city design. This talk was given at Arcosanti Convergence Oct. 7, 2018 during the Convergence. I am working on developing it into a book.

It is available to be done at events or venues, including universities, schools, conferences, etc.

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